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Wrap and Hold

This section contains products to provide hold and finish to your hair so that you can make any style you want. The styling spritz provides firm hold without stiffness. This foam wrap set lotion produces full, incredibly lustrous wrap set and wave set styles. This pink holding hairspray can give long lasting hold to your style. We have maximum hold gel for waves to promote waves and to restore moisture. Fudge formulates perfect hold moulding Pomade Infused with Coconut Oil. Use this alcohol free maximum hold styling gel to attain outstanding volume and shine. We also sell the olive oil hair spray with firm hold to get texture, volume and fullness. A radiant hairspray contain holding powers to hold the weight of a wig of weave without the stiffness or a spritz. This best selling hair gel controls edges and flyaways without grease of stickiness.Buy Phenomenal moulding Paste for hair designing, moulding, tug, twist, grip and sculpt to create individual funky styles.The waterproof hair gel is suitable to get ultra strong hold in your hair. We sell non aerosol holding spray for both hold and shine in hair that allows you to create the distinctive hairstyles you desire. The curl holding cream with Shea Butter and Coconut available to soft your hair with improved elasticity and this flexible hold gel moisturize and strengthen hair also Great for any style your heart desires.

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