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Medicated Shampoo

Medicated shampoos are dermatological and allergy tested as well as suitable for sensitive and infected scalp. Effective for Eczema, Dermatitits and more. At Pak Cosmetic Centre we provide best medicated hair shampoos. Most often medicated shampoos are used to relieve itching and scaling, but they can also treat bacterial or fungal infections and kill vermin. This scalp refreshing shampoo is effective for removing dandruff flakes from hair and scalp. Another gentle medicated shampoo for eczema and dermatitis is perfect sensitive scalp shampoo. We also sell therapeutic shampoo for scalp that soothes and heals dry itchy scalp. This original medicated shampoo maintains natural protection of scalp from the first use and if your scalp is infected while wearing braids or extensions then braids medicated spray is a rinse-free spray cleanser to heal mild irritation of scalp.

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