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Sheen Sprays

This section contains a large range of hair shine sprays to attain luminous gloss and finish in your hair. If you use hair extensions then this braid sheen conditioner spray is best for you. For dry hair we have this alcohol free hair shine with tea tree. Spray this oil sheen moisturizer onto hair prior to styling or comb for a final touch or grab this lightweight oil sheen with humidity block for a natural looking shine. This olive oil sheen spray moisturizes and nourishes your hair while providing shine and leaving them silky soft. A similar shea butter sheen spray gives hair a silky shine with perfect smooth. Get this lavender herbal oil sheen to leave silky soft hair with a radiant shine and a conditioning gloss spray by clynol can provide lasting shine without buildup. We have this diamond gloss spray for brilliant shine. You can buy coconut oil glossing spray to reduce frizz and leaving hair with great gloss and shine. We sell best Moroccan oil sheen spray to rejuvenate moisture in hair and skin. This argan oil sheen spray smoothes hair while instantly provide shine. Try this wig sheen spray for wigs and this braids gloss spray is ideal for braid extensions.

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