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Kids Relaxer N Texturizer

This section contains creams or lotions that are formulated for children with tight curls or very curly hair to provide desired straightness while nourishing your childs hair. Our exclusive collection of baby hair relaxers is effective yet gentle. Kids hair relaxer with coconut oil and vitamin E can straighten hair while providing softness and manageability. We have no lye relaxer for kids that gently condition the delicate hair of your children while removing curls and coils from them. We sell this new growth children relaxer that is compatible with any relaxer used in past and contains triple action conditioner. We also sell olive oil child relaxer that relaxes the hair of your little princess. If your children have sensitive scalp then use this no lye kids organics relaxing system.if your children have weak or damaged hair then no lye kids conditioning relaxer with coconut oil and shea butter has 5X conditioning power or you can get anti breakage children relaxer for gentle straightening while reducing the change of breakage. This olive oil girls hair relaxer is for younger girls and has built in protection to help protect skin and scalp of young girls. This all natural kids relaxer system contains all natural olive and sunflower oil can soften baby hair while adding shine to straightened hair.

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