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Hair Extensions Glue and Remover

Hair bonding adhesive and the hair adhesive removers are essential for weaves and extensions. Therefore Pak’s have collected branded hair glues with these finest quality glue removers. Hair releasers are essential to maintain quality of skin and hair extensions. Although some good skin protecting spray can be additionally used for further safety. Other type is weave sealants that are used to secure shedding from hair pieces, especially from the hair wefts. Another type is of these knots sealants that are specially formulated to seal and protect hair knots. Pak’s provides these finest keratin glue sticks that are available in black and brown colours as well as transparent/clear colouring; one of them matches your requirements. Anti fungal hair adhesive by Salon Pro is a six in one formula that bonds hair extensions while protecting and conditioning them to keep weaved hairstyles soft and sleek. This hair glue removing cream is the ideal match for the anti bacterial and anti fungal weaving glue as this is quick and easy hair extension remover.

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