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Semi Permanent

Paks store a whole range of semi permanent hairs. Semi permanent hair colours are temporary dyes that can partially penetrate the hair shaft. Thus the hair color will survive repeated washing, typically few weeks. Semi-permanents are either without peroxide, ammonia or developer otherwise they contain a very low level of them. That is why they are considered safer for damaged of fragile hair. Semi permanent colours cannot lighten the hair. A variety of semi permanent hair colours is available in all shades. Popular products are color fresh semi permanent colours by Wella, Herbashine crème colorant by Garnier, semi permanent liquid hair colour by Adore. Buy these direct semi permanent colour casting by LOreal are tone on tone gel colourant with no ammonia. And the radiant gloss colouring tubes by Tigi are non-progressive ammonia free deposit only colours. Choose the color touch semi permanent dye by Wella that comes in natural shades. We sell these directions liquid hair colours that can be mixed to each other for endless possibilities of shades. Clairol offers nice n easy non permanent colours without peroxide or ammonia and can last for up to 8 shampoos. You can look at these ultra bright vibrant hair colours for full vivid shine. Choose one of 9 shades from colour paint box by Fudge to get dramatic results on pre-lightened hair. This plant emulsion color by Phytospecific revives natural color and covers up first greys or get this professional hair shades cream by Redken for equalizing conditioning color.

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