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Hair Growth

Paks provide hair care products that are specially formulated for the growth and construction of your hair. These are special leave in and rinse out hair treatments that contain components for hair growth. Use this hair fertilizer wanti dandruff and hair conditioning cream for rapid hair growth on both men and women. We have an ultimate hair reconstructor with silk protein, avocado and olive oil that strengthens and lengthens the hair. We also have super hair reconstructor intensive treatment Reconstructor for fine, damaged hair. This Brazilian keratin treatment Conditions and shines also instantly Repairs dry, damaged and frizzy hair. If you want volumizing hair also want to revitalize hair follicle then use the bio organic hair growth Booster. This Hair Reconstructor extensively repairs weak, damaged hair due to shedding, breakage and severe cuticle and fibre degradation due to chemical, thermal, mechanical or sun damage. We sell daily leave in strengthener stops chemical damage, before breakage starts. Get this intensive restorative hair masque which is a specialized blend of fruit extracts that works to enhance elasticity in your hair.An olive oil anti breakage hair Protecting treatment is a post relaxer treatment. If you are having dry, brittle and short hair then use Leave-in hair growth treatment to allow hair grow longer while helps repair damaged hair and mend split ends. This gro strong strengthening treatment prevents breakage before it even starts and leaves hair stronger as well as healthier. Another hair rebuilding treatment with aloe vera, proteins and shea butter rebuilds and repairs breakage of hair and use this botanical reconstructor to encourage new hair growth.

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