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Lace Glue and Remover

Bonding glue and glue remover for laced wigs are specially made for toupee wigs, especially the lace front wigs. At Paks we provide wigs and everything under one roof. Thus the whole range of accessories for wigs is available. Range of professional quality Lace Wig Glue Adhesives and the lace wig removers to take off lace wig are available in top-most brands that provide lace wig accessories. These brands include wig accessories from Hair Direct they are known for their supreme quality lace wig bonds and lace wig solvents.Universal Beauty is known for its massive range of Salon Pro skin protectors, lace wig glue and cleansers. This waterproof lace glue has strong hold that keeps the wig in place. This bonding adhesive provides a strong bond for extended wear and it great to be used on both lace and polyurethane hair systems. Waterproof scalp protectors are used to coat the skin with a clear waterproof protective barrier between skin and bonding glues to protect your skin. These mini walker duo tac contour tape strips impressively hold wig in place otherwise the lace wig tape strips are an alternative option for the same. The 30 second lace wig tape by Salon Pro is combo application for professional use. Ultra hold tape is a non-glare and super strong that can easily provide up to 4 weeks of super-strength attachment.

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