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Hair parting is considered to be one of the most important hair hats for feathered hair styles. Here at Paks the whole range of hair partitions is available. These hair closures with middle parting or centre parting are made of both, premium human hair or remy human hair as well as of synthetic human-like hair. The closure piece can be used for patients with alopecia who have hair loss in crown area. The central parting, usually known as closure piece can be worn with weave extensions. Breathable closures come with a lace. These lace closures can have a silky closure texture and a yaki closure texture. Silky breathable closure and the breathable yaki closure by Sensationnel are best selling lace hair partings among all lace closures. Remy closures, Indian lace closures, Brazilian lace partings and Peruvian closures are considered good weave closures for hair partings. This virgin remi hair parting by Rush is made of 100% human hair.Rush presents this full sweeping and side fringe is a blend of human and chemical hair.

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