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Instant Weave

These half wigs are a derived form of normal hair extensions and the hair wigs. Instant half wigs or Instant weaves contain comb teeth that make them very secure while allowing some of own hair left out for blending in. Instant weaves are available as real hair half wigs and artificial hair half wigs. Half wig hair extensions mean exactly what they sound like; the wig that covers half of your hair. Hence they must match your hair colour to blend effectively with them. African-american women wear instant wigs as part of their daily routine. Human hair instant weaves can be permed, curled, straightened and styled using electrical curling tongs and hair straighteners. Whereas the fake instant weaves are comparatively cheaper half wigs though they look and feel like human hair. These totally instant wigs must be maintained using proper hair extension shampoo and suitable hair extension conditioner. Choose online from massive range of colours and textures for fabulous celebrity hair available at Pak’s to make hair appear longer or to get more of a period hairstyle. These hair extensions are sometimes referred as ¾ wigs to be attached over the crown of your head.