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Waves and Perms

This section contains hair care products for all hair types and especially for the African textured hair. These products are carefully formulated to maintain and enhance hair with curls, waves and perms in your hair to give you a fabulous look with style and volume. We have curl activating gel for a total maintenance to stimulate and lock curls in your hair. If you want to develop wavy hair then a hair perming cream can enhance healthier waves and perms. You can use a curls Buttercreme for rdefine , moisturize curls and waves. We also sell curl reviving cream to bring in moisture into curly or wavy textures without leaving any oily residue. Buy a curl boosting jelly to enhance tight curls and coils in your hair. This curl defining cream restores loops and swirls, adding lasting bounce and control in your hair. This Curl Defining Creme helps holding hair into perfectly smooth curls. Use this lotion for curls to activate curl definitions by restoring moisture and bounce. Get this maximum hold gel for men for serious wave formation in men hair otherwise a soft hold defining gel for curls and wave can be used to restore them after shampoo.

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