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Balancing Shampoo

This section contains African-caribbean hair shampoos to wash your hair while maintaining pH balance. This section also contains normalizing hair shampoos for relaxed and hair. Our normalizing shampoo for hair neutralization has a pH balance 6.0 formula. This multi action neutralizing shampoo is a pH correcting shampoo to stop the action of relaxer and stabilize hair pH. We also have herbal balancing shampoo is made of herbal ingredients for irritating scalp and to remove chemicals. This sulfate free curls balancing shampoo is moisturizing and cleansing shampoo with extreme body and bounce. Keratin pH plus shampoo works as a pre treatment for to remove excess styling products. We also have salon relaxer shampoo that removes all traces of chemical relaxer. Another sulfate free normalizing shampoo is to maintain essential normal pH balance. This neutralizing shampoo with DL panthenol can remove all relaxer residue and cleanse thoroughly. This neutralization shampoo is probably the fastest selling salon formula with color indicator. All these shampoos for haircare are available in different sizes to meet your needs.

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