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Dry Shampoo

The full range of Dry Shampoos is available in this section. These spray shampoos do not require wash or rinse. We sell dry shampoo for long hair to instantly clean with no visible residue. We also sell Instant Refresh dry shampoo for greasy hair to provide a clean feeling without using water. This waterless spray shampoo is for both fine and normal hair which renews volume and refresh fine, limp hair. If you have oily roots, dull and lifeless hair then this leave in shampoo revitalizes hair without using water and adds body as well as texture while giving a clean and refresh feeling. If you have oily hair then oil absorbing spray shampoo absorbs excess oil and separates hair strands while adding volume to the roots and creating a fresh washed look.This rinse free hair cleanser is especially formulated With coconut essence for ethnic hair to prevent itchy, dry scalp by providing luster and moisture. If you are looking for a silver shampoo than this silver dry shampoo has fantastically absorbent formula which will refresh and revitalize dull greasy hair. One of the best selling spray shampoos is this coconut dry shampoo that cleanse hair instantly and leaves volume with texture. This keratin dry shampoo with volume lifter is a water free shampoo spray that is infused with keratin and a lemon fresh scent.

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