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Grey Hair

This section contains hair care products that include hair coloring treatments are for gray hair and colouring products for touch-ups and to cover your grey hair. Joico presents this renu renual serum formulated to slow the graying hair process to keep grey hair at bay and maintains the hairs youthful colour as well as texture. Renual users noticed fifty percent less NEW gray hair than non users after using over a 5 month period. We sell Touch of grey hair treatment just for men that let you keep some grey as it works gradually and can last five to six weeks. Cover your grey touch up Wand for women is available to touch up gray hair instantly as it blends beautifully and goes longer between hair colourings. You can also use this root touch up for precise control and mistake proof application to hide gray hair while staying fresh looking until you shampoo it out. Otherwise the touch up wand to cover gray hair is a 2 in 1 applicator with brush tip for midshafts and precision tip for roots. You can comb away gray hair quickly as this easy to use comb is great for side burns, moustaches or beards and is easy to use as it looks natural and washes out easily. Use this hair darkening Cream with essential oils and herb extracts as it is a unique remedy for grey hair by darkening and controlling gray hair. You can buy Grey Away Restores And Darkens by Morgans to remove as much gray hair as you want because this easy to use gradually restores gray hair to natural looking colour and a touch up gray hair stick for men is also available to cover grey hair instantly and easily; this safe formula washes out easily.

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