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Conditioner for Wigs and Extensions

This section contains refreshing conditioners for hair additions and toupee extensions. Since hair enhancements and wigs both require conditioning and maintenance to look best and refreshed. Paks has excellent range of wigs conditioners, braids revitalizers, weave detangling conditioners and conditioning creams for extensions.This 2-In-1 conditioner for wigs and extensions is Sulfate-Free Hair conditioner that refresh dull, matte hair for both wigs and hair pieces. We also have Wig control conditioner to maintain wigs and renew their natural vitality. We also sell Locks and braid sprays with essential oil . We have this oil free wig shine spray that give lasting shine without oily residue. If you are looking for natural products then buy this best natural weave and wig conditioner and for braiding extensions , also you can buy this medicated braids conditioning spray which will restore damaged hair and will prevent breakage.

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