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Relaxer n Texturizer

Relaxer is a type of crème or lotion that is made for people with tight curls or very curly hair to straighten the hair of African-Caribbean and Ethnic women with coarse hair. Relaxers are to chemically straight natural curls. Hair relaxing can be done at salon or at home using the hair relaxing kits. Lye relaxers are always alkaline to some degree so it is prudent to neutralize hair using normalizing shampoos for relaxers. no base cream relaxers and the no lye conditioning relaxers that come in multiple strengths; hair relaxers for coarse hair as well as relaxers for normal hair. There is also an exclusive range of sensitive hair relaxers especially for kids. These kids relaxers are for the delicate hair and sensitive scalp of children. Here at Paks Cosmetics we stock a very large choice of hair relaxers, hair perms and hair texturizers. Hair relaxer will permanently straighten the hair, hair perms are for creating permanent curls and waves, while texturizer will loosen the natural curl pattern to make afro hair softer and more manageable without causing too much damage. We supply salon brands and sizes as well as complete kits for use at home. We have relaxers and texturizers in all famous brands like Mazuri, Dark & Lovely, Organic Root Stimulator, Optimum, Just for Me, Avlon, Phtyospecific and many more. Hair texturizers are to bring curls perms and waves in naturally relaxed hair.